At The Rights Workshop, we are equally committed to our corporate and branding/ad agency clients, helping them achieve the perfect mix of sound and visual for their media enterprises.

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Publishing Administration

Our publishing services assist songwriters, musicians, and artists who own their music catalogs, and we provide services to music labels needing rights management administration.

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Our Team

Brooke Wentz

Brooke is a music supervisor and rights executive who created The Rights Workshop after running ESPN’s music department. Prior she was a rights consultant to TechTV, Arista Records manager of A&R Administration and a former radio host. She produced numerous critically acclaimed recordings and won a Billboard Award.

The wealth of her contacts, combined with her knowledge of international music, launched Seven Seas Music in 2015. A graduate of Barnard College and Columbia Business School, Brooke brings over 25 years music business experience to the Bay Area.

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Maryam Battaglia

Maryam began her career in entertainment law over a decade ago, then went on to work at Live Nation in its business and legal affairs. In 2008 she joined The Rights Workshop and has since amassed several music supervision credits. She administers music rights for Bread & Roses, Gold Toes Ent. and Seven Seas Music, an international sync-licensing catalog co-launched with Brooke in 2015.

Her work combines a passion for music, media and deal-making. She is a graduate of UCLA and California Western School of Law.

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Music Rights Unveiled

A Filmmaker's Guide to Music Rights and Licensing

Music Rights Unveiled provides an inside look at the complex world of music rights for film and video and includes step-by-step guidance to navigate these tricky waters. Authors Brooke Wentz and Maryam Battaglia share their decades of expertise in this user-friendly guide, designed specifically with filmmakers and producers in mind. The book provides a brief history of the pricing of music in film, television and digital media markets, and explains the process by which music is licensed or acquired for films, highlighting pitfalls to avoid and strategies for success.

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Hey, That’s My Music!

Music Supervision, Licensing and Content Acquisition

Written specifically for musicians, this comprehensive compendium of real-life licensing and music placement examples will school the artists, writers, and potential content acquirer on the do’s-and-dont’s of music rights. Music licensing and rights terms are defined, and the clearance process is explained in clear detail.

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Seven Seas Music

We source music for our projects from a variety of traditional outlets — labels, music publishers, and licensing representatives to name a few. But the internet has empowered emerging artists, allowing them to publish and license music on their own, making music discovery and music discovery tools a crucial part of our business.

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